SCL 12.11.2017


Merchandise Manager

Manuel Del Real

+569 8362 1699


All cost associated to shipping from/to abroad are responsibility of the merchandise representatives of each artist.

Sending items by Fedex, DHL or another shipping company You must send it to; Rosa O´Higgins 309, Las Condes Santiago, Post Code N# 7550000, with items and quantities details.

Please address packages as shown below:

Lotus Producciones 

De: Artist Merchandise / (Name of your Band)

Para: Manuel del Real (+56 9 83621699)

Rosa O’Higgins 309

Código Postal: 7580582 

Las Condes

Santiago, Chile

Once your shipment has been processed, please email us your tracking information along with a total box count. 

We will count in all merchandise and check for discrepancies between the advance/counts and email details if any are found.

Please remember to provide the selling price of all merchandise as required on the Advance. 

Any remaining items will be returned using the FedEx or UPS account number provided on the advance. 

If the merchandise will be brought within the artist’s baggage, it must be reported to the following e-mail addresses: to arrange the delivery.

In the case of working with a local company to produce and / or operate the merchandising sale, please inform us by mail or phone to

be aware of this and so we can coordinate with the local company.

Waiting for your consent about this information and hoping you all have a good trip to Chile.