Backstage Manager
Paz Carrasco 


+569 8828 0875






The catering area is open continuously with scheduled meal times (see below).


You are welcome to stop at anytime for a snack, cold drink, lunch and dinner buffet. There will be a variety of foods for both meat eaters and vegetarians.


If there are any special requests, please notify us in advance. Please note that meals are for band and crew members ONLY on your show day.


Festival Catering Hours:


Breakfast    XX:00 am - XX:00 am 

Lunch        XX:00 pm - XX:00 pm 

Dinner       XX:00 pm - XX:00 pm


During the times that the dinning hall is closed there will be an outside lounge with free food and drinks. Because the Venue is no more than 20 minutes away from many of the hotels, there will be no Van Bus Catering.




Because of the substantial size of the Festival, we cannot accommodate everyone’s rider, but if you need something special we will take care of it. This will be the final Catering for the Festival dressing rooms:


Seasonal fruits platter Veggies platter

Cheese and ham platter Hummus

Variety of breads

Sandwiches (Meat Sandwiches and Veggie Sandwiches)


Biscuits, Brownies and Muffins


Nuts, Almonds and other dry fruits

Mineral Water

Sodas and other assorted beverages (Coca Cola brand soft drinks, Powerade, Redbulls )


Red and White wine


Beer (National and Imported Ales)


There will also be a common coffee area which will include the following: Coffee, assorted Teas, milk, soy milk, skim milk, yogurt, lemon, ginger, sweetener and sugar.



You will have a dressing room assigned to you. The dressing room will be available 3 hours before the show

and 2 hours after show.


Due to the vast number of artists performing we ask for you to be prompt with the timing when you leave

so the next artist can set up for his show.


Please remember that we will not be able to accommodate individual hospitality riders during the festival

there will be a general hospitality rider for all bands.


Headliners will have dressing rooms available to them for their entire show day.


We look forward to getting in touch with you in the weeks ahead and seeing you all in Chile!


Remember, feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you might have, we will try our best to get everything taken care of.



Best regards and again Welcome to Cosquín Rock Chile 2018 !


Lotus Production Team